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The fm4cast™ Facility Lifecycle Analysis consists of the inspection, evaluation and documentation of each component of Grounds, Building Exteriors, Interiors and Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Special Systems. The Analysis is a way of determining the “status” of each facility at a given time – it provides a snapshot of how the various systems and components are operating. This effort will produce an Analysis document that contains a comprehensive Facility Inventory and that will predict Routine Maintenance and required Component Replacement or Refurbishment costs for the next 20 years.

We follow this analysis with an interactive in-depth planning process to demonstrate how present and future maintenance challenges align with the available human and financial resources. We work with our clients to craft a plan that arranges their maintenance challenges to match the available resources year to year. This is accomplished through detailed prioritization, the unearthing all available resources, and exploring options such as performance contracting and selective privatization.

  • Facility Analysis
  • Physical Inspection
  • Budget Planning
  • Predictive Maintenance Guide
  • Preventative Maintenance Budget
  • M & O Budget
  • Facility Planning Projections
  • Deferred Maintenance Plan
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