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In an industry where teaching students is paramount, we work with our clients to keep everything behind the scenes running efficiently and cost effectively.

Facility Management Group offers Facility Lifecycle Analysis for K-12 School District facilities, which contains a comprehensive Facilities Inventory and will predict routine maintenance and required Component Replacement or Refurbishment costs for the next 20 years.

We follow this analysis with an interactive in-depth planning process with the District to demonstrate how present and future maintenance challenges align with the available facilities staff and financial resources.

The following is a menu of services provided by Facility Management Group. Services are tailored to the needs of each School District.

  • Develop complete inventories of building materials that have a lifecycle
  • Provide an evaluation/grading of building materials’ condition
  • Provide (referenced) unit pricing for replacement building materials
  • Develop a living database with projected building material replacement costs
  • Tabulate projected cost of facility lifecycle material replacement costs
  • Research and develop budgets for District Spatial, Security, Academic and Energy needs
  • Evaluate capital project funding sources: Capital Bond, Adjacent Ways and SFB Grants
  • Develop a Schematic Schedule for a Capital Bond Program
  • Develop a Cash Flow Model for a Capital Bond Program
  • Work with District Purchasing to develop capital bond project Procurement Protocols
  • Develop a detailed Procurement Plan/Schedule for each phase of projects.
  • Assist the District with various procurements
  • Monitor and manage project costs as they relate to budgets
  • Support the District on various bond program effects
  • Combine the above information into a Capital Improvement Master Plan.
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